Working in the UAE – Why To & Why Not To Work in the UAE?

If you are an expat being contacted by an agency or a company based in the UAE, this would be your first question either to yourself or to the recruiter – “Why should I consider working the UAE?” We will attempt to help you with this prime decision. Natrually, each person has their own preferences when it comes to accepting a role in a new country. So you may find some of these cons to be pros or vice versa. Let’s deal with ‘The Bad’ first – Why Not to Work in the UAE?


1. Sand Storms & the heat – With the extreme heat, especially around summer months of June-August, you may really wonder if you want to put your body through those kinds of high temperatures. Don't forget about the occasional sand storm. People with asthma and other breathing related issues should definitely consider this, as the sand can even get into vents of the air-conditioning, any crevices or even the exhaust outlet of your apartment or house.sense 8


2. Closed offices – Most of the offices have closed window panels and no other air than the air conditioning. A lot of expats who have been living in pleasant weather conditions find it hard when they first move to the UAE as they find it extremely suffocating when they cannot open the window or have natural air blow through their office.


3. The Traffic - Driving in the UAE can be mind-blowing. Sometimes you find yourself driving back from work for over an hour. This obviously depends upon where you stay. Most times to afford the rent, people who work in places in the central city, find themselves traveling from the outskirts of the city and it could seem like you spend a good amount of your working week on the roads.


4. Citizenship: When you move to the UAE, you need to have an Employment visa / Residence Visa. Your dependents (spouse/children/parents) would be on your sponsorship, whilst you would be on the sponsorship of the company. Similar case in case of a business owner, where you would have a local (Emirati) sponsor and your visa would be on the company/local sponsor’s sponsorship.You can never completely immigrate, or obtain permanent citizenship in the UAE as a foreigner.


5. The Noise: UAE is an up-and-coming country and will always be trying to out beat its own growth. That is why you will constantly see (and hear) some new developments happening in and around the place you work or sleep. So if you are the kind of person who doesn’t adjust well to noise, you will find your transition difficult to begin with.


Now for the good stuff!


1. Money-Money-Money: UAE as you may, or may know has no income tax! That is one of the prime reasons for people to move to the UAE. Knowing how to save is key though so that when you do decide to pick up and move, you are not leaving empty handed.


2. Cultural diversity: You would not find it difficult to come across someone of your own nationality somewhere in the city. Perhaps even at the desk next to you at work. If you like to meet new people from new cultures, then this cosmopolitan country is just for you. You can meet people from all around the globe.


3. Travel, travel, everywhere: If you are a travel buff, you would love your stay in the UAE as it is practically the world's best travel hub, with a huge amount of desireable locations reachable under 8 hours by plane!


4. Fly home for free! : In addition to the standard 30 calendar days of leave, most expat packages include a round trip home annual or once in 18 months. Also once you complete your contract, there would be a repatriation package which should at least include a flight back home, and a gratuity pay.


5. New Pension schemes in the making: There were a couple of employee surveys where employees across the country would complain how little the gratuity pay was, considering the pension schemes they would enjoy in their hometown. Up until now only locals (Emiratis) would receive a pension. However this article now shows how talks are being made for expats to receive pension!



Remember that this is not a conclusive list of why’s or why not’s to move to the UAE, however it is a base list. And there may be factors outside of this that you may consider. Do let us know what you think or for any queries regarding factors to consider whilst moving to the UAE and we will attempt to respond. Until then wish you all the very best in your decision making move to the UAE.