Barbara Van Pay - Managing Director

    Barbara is a highly motivated individual and a natural leader having held Senior HR and Recruitment Management roles across the US, UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, on both the client and agency side. Her reputation for exceeding the expectations of clients is born from her experience of having been in Corporate HR, so she can put herself in others' shoes and deliver to the very highest standard. Her easy manner coupled with her depth of knowledge has made her instrumental in assisting clients across a spectrum of HR functions from recruitment, to coaching and rehabilitating poor performers, as well as managing HR compliance. She is the first person to reach out to for anything HR or recruitment related. She has a BA in Management and Human Relations and an MBA in International Business with over 15 years’ experience. 

    Barbara aspires to make the world a better place each and every day and her philosophy of “life is not a dress rehearsal and we only get one shot to get it right” is testament to her positivity and integrity.


    Shanu Satiani - Director

    Shanu is the ultimate HR professional with an over abundance of energy and enthusiasm. Her easy manner and attention to detail instills confidence with our clients and partners as well as respect from her team. CIPD qualified and over 15 years of experience in the UAE with various leading organisations in industries such as FMCG, Financial Services, E-Commerce, and Telco. Her core competency is targeting UAE National talent placing them in the right roles in the right organisations as well as ensuring that HR best practices are introduced & followed by all clients. She has a wide portfolio of skills, is meticulous, devoted, and will go out of her way to complete tasks, deliver milestones and complete projects on time, every time. 

    Shanu has an unparalleled level of passion for everything she does both at home with her family and at work and firmly stands by her beliefs one of which is “living each moment like it is your last.”